This is a translation of Tong Qi Gong Zhi’s – Three Lives Three Worlds Buddha Trials.

This appears to be the story of Mo Yuan’s love story. Tong Qi Gong Zhi never finished this and I am not sure if she will even continue to write this story. I don’t have  a weibo account, so I can’t follow her. Maybe one day, when I figure out how to sign up for weibo, then I can see if I can find her account and follow her.

I am translating from the text found on this webpage:



The day I woke up, it was coincidentally the same day as Mo Yuan’s wedding day.

I asked Fong Hung, how many marriage is this, and he replied, it was his first marriage.

I counted the years, I was 170 thousand years when I fell asleep, I slept for 190 thousand years, then today Mo Yuan should be 360 Thousand years. At that age, he would have already many children that could form a whole clan already, but this is actually his first marriage?

This must not have been easy. Fung Hung told me “Ancestor, the year that you slept, we buried you at the bottom of Jingmei mountain. This time when you woke up, the force of the Monster power made the boulders block the roads on Jingmei mountain. Mo Yuan’s bridal carriage party was using the roads on Jingmei Mountain…..”

I exclaimed: “Did it kill her?”

Fung Hung shook his head: “Well, not exactly, it’s just that the stone fell on their path, and it delayed the time it would take to Kun Lun Xue, which would have been well passed the auspicious time. You know with the Heaven Tribe when they get married, the time must be an auspicious time. I heard that the next auspicious time for them to get married will be 700 years later. Therefore, their wedding ceremony will be postponed until 700 years later.

Fung Hung face was full of regret : “Ancestor, because you woke up, you made the oldest Heaven Clan member wedding a total mess. You really live up to our clan’s motto.

I said “you are right. I do live up to our clan’s motto. That being part of the Monster clan, we will always be at odds with the Heaven Clan!











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